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That awkward moment when...

My first attempt for a KakaIru fic written last year. damn, I love these two so much, it hurts~
so again, for me if did not bring justice to this pairing orz

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Crying Face

a oneshot from a year ago~

others: Sleeping Face

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Working - Sato/Souma

GAAAHHH! this is a sudden change of fave OTP but... i'm inlove with these two~! 

Also, this ain't my drawing so please don't share outside~

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KakaIru dj anthology List

off to the anthology list~ yay! xD **under construction** haha!

oh... and also some reprints/collection of the doujinshi-ka

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KakaIru dj series List

Finally I got the will to make this~~ xD My list of read KakaIru (series) doujins. This is just a fuqing list cause I want to keep myself in track. 

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KakaIru mastUr list

I have made up my mind! imma make a list of all the things Ive read... starting with KakaIru cause they're my most fresh OTP~! xD I started DLing scanlated kakairu doujinshi about less than a month ago... so I'm still trying to keep up with other scanlations I missed aroung SIX years ago~ kinda makes me cry I wasn't into them back them... oh gosh. why. oh. why!? 

BREAKDOWN! [insert DMC3's Dante's voice] 

One shots
Short Series

Writer's Block: Bookmarks

THE HUNGER GAMES: Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins~~! xD

Why I read it? Well, actually I first saw the trailer when I went to the movies and I was like "oh! this looks interesting"~ then after awhile, my sister got the copy of the books~! Also I didn't know it was adapted from a book~! xD So yeah, I read the first book... and WAAAAHH! I was totally caught by it!! I read the whole series in less than 5 days~! SCREW SCHOOL and all that! I HAD TO FINISH THIS! and then I did~!

Also, one of the most exciting part is that it's showing on March 21 in our country, two days ahead than the actual release in US which is on the 23rd~! YAY US~! xD
What is the last great book you read?


I'm sad that I'm getting angry... it's nothing serious but hey, serious differs from one to another...  I'm sad because just when I decided to actually share my thoughts, it ended up being a bad one....
well that's that... also this post is just to say Im still alive...  yay.


Sleeping Face


Gokudera is sleeping…

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